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Dropsy | 2LP Definitive Edition (w/ Exclusive Felt Sleeve)

“Dropsy? Now there’s a name I have not heard in a long time…”

Well, that makes one of us, because composer Chris Schlarb’s soundtrack hasn’t left my rotation in the years since I first played developer Jay Tholen’s brilliant wordless adventure. I remember the exact moment I decided to reach out to Chris Schlarb about a vinyl release: I was playing the game with my then six year old daughter, scouring the street as Dropsy for clues, as the sultry jazz of Kierkegaard’s Neon Lights guided the tone in the background. My daughter took her hand off the mouse for a second and said, “This music…” she paused, finger to her chin, ”… is really good.” That was good enough for me.

Originally released as a 1LP in 2015, the soundtrack has been long since out of print and quite difficult to get your hands on. Especially at a decent price. Believe me, I’ve tried. So I decided to rectify that, and maybe go the extra mile as well, because if there’s a soundtrack that deserves it, Dropsy certainly qualifies.

That’s why I’m proud to offer this definitive version of the Dropsy OST!

What Can You Expect?

  • A deluxe 2LP release of the Dropsy soundtrack
  • Exclusive liner notes by Clint Basinger, host of the LGR (formerly Lazy Game Reviews) YouTube channel
  • Side A & B containing 28 tracks of the original soundtrack by Chris Schlarb
  • Side C containing 17 rare demo tracks from the Dropsy sessions
  • Side D containing the full Eternal Hug EP by game creator Jay Tholen (Hypnospace Outlaw, Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance of the Slayer), for the first time on vinyl
  • Cover design by Jay Tholen
  • 3D art design by Crisppyboat
  • Each copy housed in a felt sleeve for protection in transport
  • $35 + $16 shipping worldwide
  • In-hand & shipping now!
neotokyo cover art

NEOTOKYO° Repress | 4LP Dual Gatefold & 2CD Digipack

Remember that time I released the soundtrack to the Half-Life 2 mod NEOTOKYO° as a 4LP set with exquisite music by Ed Harrison and equally exquisite art by Julianne Griepp, and then it sold out in like a day and I didn’t go bankrupt? Good times.

Well, the good times are BACK, you absolute chad(ette)!

A repress of 500 copies on vinyl, with an exclusive new felt sleeve, and 300 copies on something called… double compact discs? I don’t know how to use these on my turntable, but maybe you can figure it out, brainiac.

  • The 4LP repress Orange-On-White variant is strictly limited to 500 copies, housed in a felt sleeve with original NEOTOKYO° concept art, and an art insert. Now shipping.
  • The 2CD release is limited to 300 copies and contains the NEOTOKYO° OST in its entirety in a deluxe fold-out digipack. Now shipping.

BEYOND COPPER | An Auralnauts Album

In collaboration with musicians and parody artists Auralnauts, Stumpy Frog Records has pressed the soundtrack to their ongoing series of ‘As Seen on TV’ parodies known as the ‘Infomercial Wars’.

During an unspecified point in time, a faceless dystopian company pushes out products under the guise of improving the quality of life for humanity. The commercials have a sexy presentation to them, designed to lull the viewer into a hypnotic state and gloss over what is really being sold to them: enslavement to an evil entity. The true purpose of these products is clear to anyone with an iron will: to imprison your mind, strip away your humanity and weaponize what remains. Humanity’s only hope is a scrappy group of freedom fighters whose key to success is convincing you to buy their products instead of the enemy’s. May the best infomercial win.

Beyond humanity. Beyond Copper.

The parody series is made up of real life infomercials with complete audio makeovers. The products themselves vary from one commercial to the next, but a popular trend in these ads is the seemingly unlimited uses for copper, which is taken even further by the parody versions. The bubbly pitchman from the source material has been replaced by a soothing, yet vaguely threatening alien presence. This mysterious voice paints a picture of a world that would make David Cronenberg and James Cameron blush, and all of it is held together by a dystopian soundtrack that is perfect for ushering humanity into the next step of this forced evolution.

Side A of the album contains six full length studio versions of the music featured in each ad.
1) 300% More Human
2) Techromancer
3) Full Body Copper System
4) Master of Reality
5) Final Boss (Sock Defense Grid)
6) Beyond Copper

Side B features the ads themselves, presented faithfully as they appear on the Auralnauts Youtube channel.

What Can You Expect?

  • ‘Future Oppression’ 1LP Splatter Variant (ltd. to 500 copies)
  • Exclusive new audio & visual content from the Auralnauts team
  • A life of hard labor in the Laser Mines
  • Scheduled to ship August 2023
  • $35 + $15 worldwide tracked shipping
front of the outer sleeve of Beyond Copperinner sleeves of Beyond Copperspread of outer inner and vinyl of Beyond Copperfocus on center label of Beyond Copper vinyl


In collaboration with composer Amos Roddy and developer Gareth Damian Martin (Jump Over The Age), Stumpy Frog Records has pressed the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed and BAFTA-nominated Citizen Sleeper to deluxe 2LP vinyl.

Wake up, Sleeper.

Studio Jump Over The Age invites you into a world unlike anything you’ve experienced. In Citizen Sleeper, you inhabit a digitized human consciousness in an artificial body, owned by a corporation that wants you back. Inspired by the vast options of tabletop role playing games, developer Gareth Damian Martin set out to create an entirely new world for you to inhabit. Live a life through a game of chance and strategy. Build friendships and discover the stories of spacestation Erlin’s Eye.

Gareth Damian Martin’s world isn’t just created through visuals and dialogue. Composer Amos Roddy (In Other Waters, Cloud Gardens, The Wild At Heart) imbues the world of Citizen Sleeper, and its inhabitants, with the sounds of mystery and melancholy, darkness and glimmers of light in the frontiers of the future. Found on this deluxe 2LP set are all 23 tracks of the original soundtrack he created for the game.

What Can You Expect?

  • Splatter 2LP variant
  • Printed transparent sleeve
  • Citizen Sleeper sticker sheet
  • ‘Sleeper’ sketch book
  • ‘NeoVend’ tote bag
  • Delayed to May 2024
  • $45 + $16 worldwide tracked shipping
Citizen Sleeper sketch book, sticker sheet, canvas bag and inner, outer sleeves with vinyl variants
Tunic vinyl boxset overview


In collaboration with composers Terence Lee (Lifeformed) x Janice Kwan and creator Andrew Shouldice, the soundtrack to indie triumph TUNIC is set to release as a 4LP deluxe boxset under the guiding hands of Stumpy Frog Records & Mango Mage Records.

Composed over the course of 7 years, the TUNIC original soundtrack is a monument to mystery, adventure, and the depths they take us to. Its music has resonated with listeners worldwide over the course of thousands of cumulative hours of play across all platforms. Stumpy Frog & Mango Mage are honored to have the opportunity to give Tunic the release it deserves.

What Can You Expect?

  • Deluxe 4LP release of the TUNIC OST
  • Two double gatefolds
  • Four full-color inner sleeves
  • Quadruple colored vinyl
  • Housed in a specialty box
  • Art by ma-ko, Andrew Shouldice, ROZEN
  • Limited time open pre-order
  • Ships in Q2 2024

Exclusively available at as a collaborative project between Stumpy Frog Records & Mango Mage Records.
Vinyl colors subject to change 📦 Release scheduled to ship Q2 2024

color variant of neotokyoblack variant of neotokyoneotokyo flyerinner sleeve spread color variantinner sleeve front with color and black variants

NEOTOKYO° | 4LP Dual Gatefold

In collaboration with composer Ed Harrison (Deus Ex: Breach, Tsioque) and art designer Julianne Griepp, Stumpy Frog is proud to release the full OST (GSDF & NSF albums) to the Half Life 2 modification NEOTOKYO° on 4LP limited vinyl.

During the period of 2004-2009, Half Life 2 modders TEAM RADI-8 created a multiplayer total conversion focused on two clashing factions in a dystopian cyberpunk future inspired by the works of Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell) & Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira). To bring this world to life, they enlisted the help of a then-23 year old composer from the forums: Ed Harrison aka 0edit.

What he created was nothing short of spectacular.

Equal parts frantic and solemn, hopeful and angry, this soundtrack is exactly the kind of art Stumpy Frog Records was made to bring to wax. I’ve been listening to this OST for years and I hope this release will become a mainstay on your record player. A diamond, fully formed, that Ed Harrison, Stumpy Frog, and art designer Julianne Griepp poured themselves into to create a release worth your time and hard earned money.

What Can You Expect?

  • 4LP release
  • Two double gatefolds
  • Custom felt sleeves
  • Art design by Julianne Griepp
  • Limited to 500 copies
  • 150 copies black vinyl w/ ‘Shellshock’ sleeve
  • 350 copies color (note: colors may vary depending on production) vinyl w/ ‘Split’ sleeve
  • Scheduled to ship May 2023
  • $70 + $20 shipping (it’s a hefty package)

Smile For Me

“Oh hi! I did’nt seeyou there! I am Dr. Habit. I am just a friendly guy who love’s Smiles more than ANYTHING!”

In collaboration with LimboLane Games and composer Lucas Saur, Stumpy Frog Records has pressed the soundtrack for Smile For Me to deluxe vinyl.

Something’s wrong at the Habitat. The so-called ‘Dr. Habit’ claims he intends to treat his patients’ unhappiness, but it looks like he’s doing nothing of the sort. This place hides a dark secret… And it’s up to you to uncover it.

Good luck, Flower Child - you’ll need it. Through puzzle-solving and non-verbal communication, you can cheer up each resident of the Habitat, guided by the sultry jazz and smooth accompaniments of composer Lucas Saur. With a few bangers thrown in there, just for kicks.

17 tracks from multi-instrumentalist Lucas Saur pressed on eye-popping/mouth-watering Toothpaste & Ice Cream vinyl, packaged in artwork by creators Yugo Limbo & Day Lane.
Copies are $29 USD + $16 USD worldwide tracked shipping.

📦 New orders scheduled to ship March.

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe

“I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Jettomero, the bright red robot of mysterious origin, is determined to save the human race. But the planets he visits on his quest quickly become crushed under the weight of his good intentions…

Developer & composer Gabriel Koenig’s space exploration experience is soundtracked by a full 17-track OST, now on limited edition 2LP. Orchestrations of otherworldly synths, pulsating beats, and zen-like vibes serve as your guide to the galaxy.

Blast off with Ghost Time Games’ Jettomero; all you have to do is try your best. Every copy comes with a Jettomero tote bag, fluorescent ink cover & an artbook co-created by artist @SpiffSnaps!
1st pressing limited to 500 numbered copies.

Umurangi Generation

The world is ending, and you’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Filling the boots of a courier for the Tauranga Express, you’re tasked with taking photographs of a highly stylized world and the people that inhabit it, documenting facets of humanity in an apocalyptic photography simulator.

The music to the IGF Grand Prize-winning Umurangi Generation is an eclectic collection of hip hop beats, urban breaks, cold synths, and chill urban vibes.

This hand-numbered release collects 48 tracks selected by composer ThorHighHeels, taken from the base game and its Macro expansion. This colored double vinyl release includes new artwork on a gatefold jacket by developer Veselekov, along with exclusive developer/composer notes and inner sleeve art by artist YRN.

Line up the perfect shot in a shitty future in Veselekov’s incredible Umurangi Generation.
1st pressing limited to 1000 copies.

A Short Hike

A story doesn’t have to be epic to be life-changing. Adam Robinson-Yu’s wonderful Independent Games Festival award-winning indie hit has you join Claire as she hikes, climbs, and soars through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak provincial park during a holiday trip with her Aunt.

Mark Sparling soundtracks her adventure with uplifting, melancholic, and serene tunes, while Saffron Aurora’s art design adorns this vinyl release of A Short Hike.

1st pressing limited to 500 numbered copies.
2nd pressing on Meteor Lake Blue vinyl is limited to 500 copies.
3rd pressing limited to 1000 copies.
4th pressing limited to 250 numbered picture disc copies.

The Cat Lady

Rem Michalski’s horror masterpiece follows Susan Ashworth’s journey through hell and back, accompanied by the eclectic and atmospheric music of Michał Michalski. We’re proud to release this vinyl and highly recommend playing Harvester Games follow-up to The Cat Lady: Lorelai.

This double LP spans a total of 29 tracks from the video game, including tracks by Pål Hjørnevik, Josiah Orsie, and iamqqqqqqq. All tracks mastered by Kramer (Galaxie 500), with inner Gatefold art by Aliceyuric.

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

Next release to be announced soon!

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